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3 dogs and 2 cats inside the Santo C. DeSpirit Marble & Granite office building




At Caesarstone we are a family.  We have taken that great belief in community, caring and togetherness and applied it to Caesarstone US.


We take that same fantastic spirit and fun and caring and put it into our product. Whether it's shipping out the slabs, selling them to our wonderful network of customers or marketing this great product to you, our goal is the same, to give you a great product and the best service.

With a continuous proactive approach to producing over 40 innovative colors and textures Caesarstone consistently provides a premium quartz surface with remarkable style and endurance - complementing a design application, from classic to contemporary. Nonporous, stain, scratch and heat resistant and backed by a residential lifetime warranty, Caesarstone is the ideal surface for kitchens, vanities and more.


Visit the Caesarstone website by clicking the Logo to view slabs.

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At HanStone Quartz, we are driven by the desire to make products that enhance life’s journey. We recognize that surfacing is just one component of a successful project – a beautiful space that creates the backdrop for what really matters – and that’s something that can only be defined by you.

Our Message is Simple: Live Beautifully.  With a state-of-the-art North American manufacturing facility, we offer design flexibility to make any vision a reality. Having unequaled consistency of color, texture, and quality, along with six times the strength and durability of granite surfaces, HanStone Quartz can more than handle the challenges of everyday life and make each day just a little bit brighter.


Visit the HanStone website by clicking the Logo to view slabs.





Cambria takes great pride in our rich company history. Beyond embracing the value of being a family-owned, American company, we believe in constantly examining our business to ensure we’re delivering our customers the quality of products and service they deserve. Through state-of-the-art facilities, unsurpassed design innovation, and the work ethic of experienced employee teams, Cambria has rapidly become an industry leader.

Visit the Cambria website by clicking the Logo to view slabs.

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  This exclusive line is brought to you by the EleMar buying group,

  consisting of 12 unique colors and 2 gorgeous finishes!

Visit the EleMar NE website by clicking the Logo to view slabs.

See our stone, tile, and marble projects on our Gallery page! 

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